Standing there

A perfect being

So close, but so far

The intense presence

Of who he is

Of what he is

Longing to touch,

What is not mine,

A fanasty, he is

Right there,

he was, in grasp

Suddenly, i was mute

Slowly, i disappeared

Into the crowd

He couldn’t notice

I was there

Longing to touch

Him just one time

He was to high

I was too low

Forever I long

For this man

Longing fir him

He haunts my dreams

Thinking of him

Draws me near

Pure insanity

Nicole Leeann Smith all rights reserved

His Beautifulness

A Feeling





Touching my soul

A sacride place

Dark and lonely

Softly and sensual

His Lips, touching mine

The world stops spinning

Dark eyes, beautiful eyes

Staring into mine

Reaching deep into

My broken soul

His hands

Gliding over my body

Softly touching every part

Pure essence, pure bliss

Carressing every fiber

Of my Outer and inner being

Losing myself, in him

Closing my eyes,

Passing away, into

His beautifulness

Nicole Leeann Smith all rights reserved

His Eyes

His eyes
Dark, breath taking glare
I can’t look away
But I must
i cannot, i feel the heat
It arises in my soul
This feeling ,
it takes me
This connection
Bounds me
It holds me
My focus
Only on him
Him and me
The yearning
To come closer
Touching him
Holding him
Carressing his body
Against my body
Only him,
Only me
In a dream

©Nicole Leeann Smith all rights reserved

Help Me

Help me

I am a child

Help me

My mind is spinning

Help me

running away

Help me

Fast and faster

Help me

I am small

Help me

I ran away

Help me

Don’t touch me

Help me

Fly away

Help me

Inside my mind

Help me

This storm

Help me

To calm the storm

Help me

The face i see

Help me

It does not disappear

Help me

It stays

Help me

I scream

Help me

©Nicole Leeann Smith all rights reserved

The Screaming Inside

In pieces

Screaming out

In a puddle

My own heart

It will not bleed

Ice cold, ice flows

Through my veins

Tears will not flow

They will not fall

Where is my warmth

My heart is cold

My breath, its icy

Screams haunt me

I cannot bleed

Screams, empty screams

You cannot hear them

You cannot hear them

You will not feel them

Screams inside of me


©Nicole Leeann Smith all rights reserved

The Surrender

Look into those eyes
They’re to die for
Authority rushes out
You need no words
No command
You just know
On your knees
Kneeling down
Take him deep
Release the anger
Release the joy
Release all inside
Fall, fall back
Fall, fall down
Your body
Your soul
Your being
Into him
Give away
What hurts
What chains
All remains
Just let go
Float way
To the unknown
High above
The moment
Belongs to us
You are the master
And I am the servant
Take me to a place
Where only we exist
And I will surrender

©Nicole Leeann Smith all rights reserved

He is my Drug

The darkness
The drug
The unknown
An addiction
Its unbearable
Hes occupying
My mind
My soul
My skin
My blood
The feels
Of something
Its strange
It’s addicting
Reaching down
Grabbing into
The depths
Of something
This craziness
I can’t see
Its too dark
Hes there
Taking me
Into the darkness
This instanity
Makes me alive
Truly alive
I seek on
For more
He is my drug

© Nicole Leeann Smith all rights reserved